Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Press Release: The Show

Surgeons' Hall to Feature the UK Debut of

The Chronic Single's Handbook

How one man's global search love goes horribly wrong and then hilariously right -- a new show from award-winning story-teller, erotica writer, and former computer nerd Randy Ross

"Delightful" "Kept the crowd laughing" "…makes even your most abnormal, dysfunctional relationship seem sane." Watermark

The Chronic Single’s Handbook is an original comedy by Randy Ross about a never-married hypochondriac who takes a trip around the world looking for the woman of his dreams. It’s a male spin on the international hit memoir Eat, Pray, Love. The Chronic Single's Handbook features: suspicious massages, curious fingers, sadistic nurses, adult language, adult situations, and more adult language. This solo performance is inspired by actual events.

"Literary" "Raw" "Funny" DC Metro Theater Arts
Randy Ross, a former computer geek and introvert, is now a U.S.-based writer and performer. His fiction, humor, and erotica have appeared in The Drum, Black Heart Magazine, and other publications. In 2007, Ross lost his job at a computer magazine and blew his severance on a four-month trip around the world. He can now say in three languages: “Do you speak English?” “How much is the Pepto-Bismol?” and “Excuse me, is this the evacuation helicopter?” The Chronic Single's Handbook was inspired by the trip and has been featured at fringe festivals in Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Florida; and at other venues in the U.S.

"A huge success…drew one of the largest audiences we've ever had for a live performance." Paul Kuhne, Hostelling International Boston

Venue: theSpace @ Surgeons' Halls (V53)       Tickets: £8.00           
Dates: 4-16 August (not Sundays)                       (2-for-1 on 4-5 August)
Time: 19:05 (50 minutes)                                       Box Office: 0131 510 2384
Online: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/chronic-single-s-handbook

Press Contact:
E-mail: Randy@randyrossmedia.com
Phone (U.S. number) 001 617 623-8302
Web: www.chronicsingle.com
Twitter: @chronicsingle 

Videos Excerpts from Recent Performances

- Opening scene: “Chronically single? You’ve got lots of company
Content warning for adults situations, black tongues, sadistic medical professionals.

- “The Day I Was Almost Gay
Content warning for prescription drug abuse, gooey sunburns, and men kissing on the lips.

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  1. Some good honest self-assessment here, Randy. You perhaps enjoy selling as much as writing novels/


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