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2016 West Coast Tour of The Chronic Single's Handbook

Photo Credit: Paul Gillis Photography. Design: Kirschner Caroff Design

A controversial one-man show that offers an unapologetic look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and massage parlors.

"Irredeemable"…"Deplorable"…"Misogynistic bullshit" BroadwayBaby

"A lot of fun to watch." Four-Stars Winnipeg Free Press

"Sharply funny"…"Some of life's tougher punchlines"…"A quality solo show" FringeReview

The Schedule:   

1) June 23-July 3: Five performances at San Diego fringe theater festival.

2) July 6-10: Five performances at Regina (Saskatchewan) fringe festival.

3) July 29-Aug 6: Six performances at Calgary fringe festival.

4) Aug 11-21: Seven performances at Edmonton fringe festival.

5) Sept 9-13: Four performances at Vancouver fringe festival.

- Note: I'm offering a half-price show for my 5 p.m. show on Sept 10. (when you buy online, the tickets will be available at half price on this day.)

6) Sept 14-24: Four performances at San Francisco fringe festival.

How to get $5 off San Francisco tickets ($9.99 instead of $14.99)

2) Click: Get Tickets

3) Select date of show you want to attend. (Options: 9/16, 9/18, 9/20, 9/24)

4) In middle of screen, click: Enter a Password or Discount Code

4) Enter the word: chronic

5) The Delivery pick list below it likely says "Will-Call"

Be sure to lick the pick-list down-arrow and select "Mobile Delivery."

***Note: this ticketing system is a little screwy, if you leave "Will-Call" you won't get the discount.***

7) Click button that says "Show Available Tickets"

***Note: if the system sends you back to the Get Tickets screen, just click Get Tickets again and proceed to step 8.

8) A "Discount Ticket" option should appear with a price of $9.99

Select the number of tickets you want and check out. 

Note: I'm only offering 20 discount tickets per San Francisco show -- first come, first served)


The Show:  

The Chronic Single’s Handbook is a one-man show by Randy Ross about a never-married hypochondriac who travels the world hoping to change his luck with love. Remember Eat, Pray, Love? This is nothing like it.

The story begins in Boston and goes astray in Greece, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Along the way, audiences hear the stories “Domination for Dummies” and “One Day at the Curious Finger Body Spa.” 

The one-hour show has been featured at venues around New England and at fringe theater festivals in the U.S., Canada, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Writer/Performer: 
Randy Ross is an award-winning story-teller, writer, and magazine editor. His fiction, humor, and erotica have appeared in The Drum, Black Heart Magazine, Calliope, and other publications. His comedic novel,God Bless Cambodia, was sold to The Permanent Press, a publisher of literary fiction. Publication date: April 2017.

In 2007, Ross took a four-month, solo trip around the world and learned to say in three languages: “Speak English?” “Got Pepto-Bismol?” and “Is this the evacuation helicopter?” The Chronic Single's Handbook was inspired by the trip.

Please note: The Chronic Single's Handbook carries content warnings for adult situations, adult language, and more adult situations. 

Contact Info:
Downloadable Press Kit with CV, reviews, photos
Twitter: @chronicsingle 

Video: Opening scene shot live at Hostelling International in Boston

"The Day I Was Almost Gay," a short piece shot live at Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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